Transferring a TrakMaps map to a Garmin GPS

This short video will show you how to transfer a TrakMaps downloaded map to your Garmin GPS unit or blank microSD card using Garmin MapInstall.

IMPORTANT: This only applies to downloadable maps. Preprogrammed cards do not use Garmin MapInstall.

To download Garmin BaseCamp & MapInstall:


  1. I recently purchased the snowmobile tracks for the maritimes, The Track Map trails are visible in Base Camp but when I go to install them with Map installer it does not show them in the menu to transfer. It just show the other maps I have. Could you please help me get them loaded to the gps.

    Thank you

  2. Hello,
    I am having the same trouble as Roger. The maps show up in basecamp but then when I go to installer, they are not there to install.


  3. I have a Lowrance Elite 5 and same issue. Also the lakes are almost non visible as blue unless I use it in night mode.

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