5 Tips on Using Your GPS in Winter

Happy New Year from all of us at TrakMaps! Wishing you all the very best in the year ahead.

We’ve partnered up with Raytech Electronics to compile a few tips you can use when using your GPS in Winter. When doing your favourite outdoor activities, a GPS can be so valuable it may even save your life (snowmobilers who have found themselves far from a trail, anybody?), and so getting to know how to use it is incredibly convenient.

Let’s get to it!


1. Choose the right map format

Most GPS maps are offered in more than one format. Preprogrammed card, DVD or download? The simple answer is: unless you want to view two maps at once (eg. a trail map on a topographic map), the preprogrammed card is the easiest to get you up and running both on your GPS and your computer. It requires no activation or installation. Raytech Electronics offers an installation service if you prefer going with the DVD or downloadable format.

Read more about offered formats.

2. Purchase the right GPS for the activity

Certain GPS units are water and shock resistant. Others are made for use in a car. If you are snowmobiling or ATVing, make sure you purchase a GPS that can deal with the challenges! For hiking, a portable lightweight GPS is the way to go. Whatever your favourite activity is, make sure your GPS is compatible with the map you’re using.

3. Pack extra batteries

Having the batteries die on you in the middle of a trail ride can be daunting, unless you’ve packed an extra set (or two) before leaving. Pop the dead ones out, pop the new ones in and away you go!

5. Plan your route

You can plan your trip before even turning on your GPS. Create a route in Garmin BaseCamp and transfer it to your unit. Identify your stops at gas stations or your favourite restaurant. You’ll get to maximize your time doing what you love and see plenty of points of interest along the way.

5. Try the GPS before leaving home

All new things come with a learning curve. Before leaving on a trip, try your GPS outside your home. Walk around with it for a bit, get to know the menus and interface. You’ll be thankful you did when comes time to find your way while on the trail.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for Winter and the snow, and wish you a fun-filled and safe New Year!

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  1. I want to thank Claudine for her help in getting my Montana 600 to work with the Trackmaps for snowmobiling. Claudine was very helpful and knowledgeable and in no time she had me on the right trak 🙂 and heading for the snowmobile trails. A great service, thank you very much! Best regards Rick Goris

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Rick. It was a pleasure! Hope you have lots of snow and a great season 🙂

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