5 Safety Tips for Snowmobilers

With the loads of incoming snow headed your way this Winter season, now’s the time to buckle down to purchase club or federation passes & plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

But before all that comes the most important factor of all: safety. It goes without saying that you can’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety out on the trail.

Without further ado, we’ve prepared five snowmobile safety tips that you may not have considered and that we hope you’ll find useful for your snowmobile season.

1. Slow down

Excessive speed is a major factor in snowmobile accidents, especially at night. Respect the speed limits and slow down, especially around corners. You may also be subject to a fine if caught speeding.

2. Dress for survival

Wear layers of clothing to remain warm and dry. Focus on purchasing clothing & gloves that cut the wind and repel water. The first layer should be a polyester or synthetic blend long underwear bottom. For the outer layer, acrylic, Gore-Tex or other synthetic materials are some popular fabrics.

3. Stay on the trail

Trespassing is a major complaint about snowmobilers and can result in trail closure. Make sure to always stay on designated federated snowmobile trails, as venturing off can increase the risk of an accident. Also important to note: private properly requires the permission of its landowner.

4. Maintain your snowmobile

A faulty spark plug or depleted battery can ruin a trip. Scheduled maintenance of your snowmobile will lower the risk of being caught stuck in a restaurant parking lot for half an hour attempting to start the engine. Also important is inspecting the brakes, topping up all fluids and aligning the skis every few weeks.

5. Use a GPS with a digital snowmobile map

On top of giving you the ability to plan your trip using federated trails, a TrakMaps snowmobile trail map for GPS can also help you get back to the trail if you happen to venture off. No cellphone reception is required, saving you time and aggravation. We’ll have a separate segment on choosing a GPS unit in the upcoming weeks, but feel free to contact us with any questions or for GPS unit recommendations.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for Winter, and wish you a fun-filled and safe snowmobile season!

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